Side hustling for most of my life

I have officially made it 58 times around the sun! In light of my 58th birthday, I want to take some time to reflect on how I’ve spent that time. Hopefully, my story can inspire others, especially young people, to also choose a path of prosperity and hustle.

Throughout my…

Entrepreneurial Mindset in Practice

Is it possible to change the trajectory of a young person’s life by harnessing the power of the entrepreneurial mindset? Absolutely.

The entrepreneurial mindset is a set of skills that allows people to identify opportunities that will lead to success and growth. This mindset can help you sustain growth and…

Visualize your affirmations with a step-by-step strategy

When it comes to side hustles, affirmations can be powerful tools to reinforce your goals and help you achieve success in your endeavors. When repeated frequently, affirmations train your subconscious mind to search for the positives and work to manifest your desires.

To further strengthen your affirmations, you can create…

I teach young people to read, write, and make sense of the world, I side hustle for social good the rest of the time.

I am blessed… I have everything I need, I do not want for anything…

As a Teachprenuer, I work with students to read, write, and make sense of the world, as well as help people, help themselves. My actual journey includes far more than reading and writing. My passion is…

Reed aka Samuel Reed

Samuel Reed, is an accomplished Teacherpreneur and Consultant with more than 25 years of success across education and workforce development industries.

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